Alexander Hipp

“Communities in general, and web3 in particular, are really underserved”
Co-founder @Beyond
Co-founder @beyond__so , @thepmlibrary and @riptide_eco , Community-building, Product Leadership, Web3, Creator Economy, Startups, Ex-N26
Barcelona, Spain


I’m Alex, born and raised in Germany. I lived in a couple of places like Hawaii, Boston, London, Hamburg, and some smaller places in South Germany. I’m a design and tech enthusiast building products for purpose and solving real problems. Currently living in Barcelona (Spain) and enjoying the working from home life combined with a ton of great hiking and camping spots close to the city.

After university, I’ve started my career at XING as a Product Manager. After being responsible for some mobile and data engineering topics, I’ve moved to N26, the Neo bank from Berlin, to work on user activation and the premium offering.

What would you say is the most challenging aspect of managing a team in web3?


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