Antoine Courtois

"Persistence and patience are your friends"
Developer Relations & Presales @Mangrove
Antoine works as a DevRel & Presales for Mangrove, a DEX based on an “Order book” model that allow liquidity providers to post arbitrary smart contracts as offers.


I am a well-traveled, man of the world! Rather than belonging to a single tribe.

Right after my studies (I have a technical background in Networks, Telecommunications, and Programming), I knew that I wanted to go abroad. I had the chance to move right away to Singapore, where I started my career doing a mix of Presales, Support, and heading a Customer Services team in the video broadcast industry.

A couple years later in early 2018, I satisfied my growing appetite for Cloud technologies by making a move to the industry and became a Sales Manager for a small Consulting company. I was the first hire in the Sales team at the time. That was great, because it allowed me to see the other end of the business spectrum, and also because the sales cycles were fairly complex: I was exposed to various industries and use cases, from deploying simple web architecture to deep machine learning projects. I learned a lot. Eventually, the company got some serious funding behind it, I felt that the culture changed a lot, so it became clear to me I needed a change.

I left everything behind in late 2020 and moved back to Europe. I had the willingness to put myself in a situation where I had to figure things out on my own, as strange as it might be.
Arriving right in the middle of winter, 2021 was a lot of traveling and personal challenges. I had to mourn my deceased identity and work on establishing a new one. I explored different project ideas until I found something that stuck with me: Web3.

My perspective of the world changed a lot in those 2 years away from the noise of the traditional working life, and the values put forward by the Web3 industry were just a perfect fit for me. Mid-2022, I decided to go all in: hands-on labs, personal website with articles, and even putting together my dApp.

A few months of hard work later, here I am, now part of this world, working as a DevRel & Presales for Mangrove!

What was the one positive thing you underestimated before working in web3?


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