Asif Hameed

“Don’t waste your time to Earn Money, Invest your time to Learn!”
Co-founder @NFTStudio24
Pakistani businessman and investor, Asif Hameed, launched NFTStudio24 in 2001. Hameed who is based in Japan since the late 1990s, also owns Sparko Trading, an automotive parts distribution company he founded in 2009.


I am an overseas Pakistani living in Tokyo, Japan, for 25 years. As an independent Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, my first venture in Japan was “株式会社Sparko Trading,” which I started in 2009. 

My goal in life is to make good things happen for the people around me. Personally, I have always felt that helping others thrive is a key to successful leadership. 

Web3 was something that struck me the moment I found out about it. From envisioning a decentralized financial system to putting power into the hands of people, it was something that connected me. It was a new industry and I wanted to become someone who facilitates struggling young builders and creators by introducing them to this space.

I’m the type of person who is consistent with the goals I set. So, when I figured that Web3 should be my focus, I began envisioning a media platform that gathers people to celebrate achievements and bring more people in. This is when NFTStudio24 came into existence. I’m proud that NFTStudio24 has and is accomplishing it.  

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