Chuck Cummings

"You are connected to every other person on the planet"
CFO @Bankless Consulting
Chuck Cumming is currently the CFO of Bankless Consulting, the world’s first web3-native professional services consultancy.
United States


I care a lot about other people. Probably too much. My wife recently diagnosed me as an ‘empath,’ which means I feel what others are feeling. Up until now, my entire career has been in education. First I was a teacher, then I worked in public policy, and then I started building nonprofit organizations. The problem I ran into was that while I was creating a lot of value for others through my public sector and nonprofit work, and I was being paid pretty well, I was not the owner of anything I built. Had I spent 15 years building valuable products for for-profit companies, surely I would have earned some equity and my family would be in a stronger financial situation. So I have pivoted into web3 where I believe that I can create value in a way that makes other people’s lives better while also owning the things that I create.

The greatest compliment I have ever received is, “You really know how to live.” I couldn’t care less about material things like clothes or electronics. I live for experiences. For the intensity that comes from playing sports competitively. For the thrill of learning something new. For the joy I feel when meeting people from other parts of the world who have so much in common with me. For seeing new places. For feeling the wind in my face when I’m riding my bike. For making my baby daughter laugh. For the satisfaction I feel when I know I made an impact in somebody else’s life.

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