Davizoe Effiong

My job makes me feel fulfilled and gives me Joy as a tutor.
Founder @Blockchain Education Invasion
Founder @Blockchain Education Invasion-BEI, Vice President on Education and adoption @Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria- SiBAN, Growth lead @Boundlesspay.

His opinion about web3.


I am Davizoe Effiong, a Blockchain consultant with an interest in Web3. I am the founder of Blockchain Education Invasion-BEI, Currently serving as the vice president on Education and adoption in Nigeria at Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SIBAN).

I'm a great and passionate lover of Blockchain technology since I joined in 2016, this inspired me to write a book titled "Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Simplified by Davizoe Effiong" currently on Amazon. I have also showcased my skill by also working for some international and national Blockchain companies as an ambassador, Community Manager, Tutor, global lead growth, Head of operations, and many more.

I believe in Web3 and its revolution that's why I've recruited and converted people into the Blockchain space.

I believe it's just the beginning of Web3 according to my postulation @ 2021:

A tech is not a tech without upgrade.

favorite people & media to keep to date with web3


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