Hezekiah Ufedojo Suleman

" I hope to build and maintain a passionate following of Web3 enthusiasts in Africa and across the continents. "
Correspondent @WallCrypt
DeFi Expert || Business Developer || Content Writer


I'm a skilled, diligent, hardworking, and results-oriented individual who possesses a great deal of enthusiasm with high energy, creativity, and an excellent working attitude. I have a great ability to adapt to different working conditions, be it on my own or working as a team player.

Professionally, I am an expert Community Development Specialist, passionate about building Blockchain/Crypto related communities via key strategies for driving mass adoption and growth. I have worked in this direction for quite some time now, making use of relevant experiences as regards community management, volunteer engagement, technical writing, and brand marketing in growing and strengthening social interaction between projects and their community base.

These experiences have enabled me to develop relevant skills in communication, teamwork, project management, time management, people management, report writing, and more. I enjoy making good use of these aforementioned skills in passing knowledge across to my audience. In the past and at present, I’ve been affiliated with different brands within and outside the Web3 space such as WallCrypt, Mina Protocol, Web3Bridge, HultPrize, Stoneale, ChopSquare, Bluzelle, Unilend Finance, Reef Finance, e.t.c.

The most exciting development in web3 (in the next few years)


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