Hinza Asif

"Whether you are a developer or an artist, just keep creating until you succeed!"
Founder @Daiki co ltd & Head of Content Marketing strategy @NFTStudio24
Hinza is the NFT Studio24 Head of the content strategy or content strategist who oversees the planning, development, and management of informational content.


I have always been a keen explorer of new technological developments. While pursuing my career, I took out time to surf online and attend different conferences to meet people and learn about their professional experiences. 

Web3 was something that struck me the moment I found out about it. From envisioning a decentralized financial system to putting power into the hands of people, it was something that connected me personally. So, I began pursuing Web3 professionally. 

It was a new industry and I wanted to become someone who facilitates struggling young builders and creators by introducing them to this space

I’m the type of person who is consistent with the goals I set. So, when I figured that Web3 should be my focus, I began envisioning a media platform that gathers people to celebrate achievements and bring more people in. This is when NFTStudio24 came into existence. 

I’m proud that NFTStudio24 has and is accomplishing it. 

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