Ivy Quinzel

"In web3, you have to collaborate, plan and execute all independently"
UX Practitioner
ux practitioner @coordinape and dedicated to making crypto make sense.
United States


I am a designer that asks too many questions. Much like a scientist, I prefer to verify assumptions using research. Researching allows me to soothe my natural inclination to understand the reason behind human behavior. UX happens to be an excellent outlet for constantly considering people’s needs & wants. I try to balance my need to develop rational solutions to complex problems while also surrendering to the universe’s unknown.

Everything I seek out to do is possible for me. However, because I crave new information & ideas, I can suddenly become obsessed with one subject. Talk about this subject at length to exhaustion and then become completely disinterested forever. There is a graveyard of all possible business ventures, artistic directions, and incomplete songs in my head. Growing up, I felt like an outcast. Even when my environment changed, I seemed to fall into the outlier category. In grade school, military, college, and at work. I settled into thinking that I would only find safety with my close friends until web3.

Since I am constantly trying to make sense of the world, sense-making in my work comes naturally. My team appreciates my need to order, plan projects and tasks as I work through designs & research. I know there is no one solution to problems, so I often like to use my co-contributors as a sounding board for my assumptions to ensure projects have rigor.

When I am not designing, I usually challenge myself in other ways. For example, I like to challenge my body, point of view, even my understanding of self. The need for constant progression can be highly fulfilling and exhausting. However, I feel that walking along this line of potential permanent burnout, ultimate success, and the need for artistic expression, I feel, is maybe my life’s purpose.

Her vision about gender imbalance in web3


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