Joe Carstairs

"Learning is the best thing, as there’s always something new in this industry"
Founder @Blockchain Copywriter
Joe founded Blockchain Copywriter in 2018 because he saw a need for long-form thought-leadership that would help blockchain and crypto projects to stand out in an industry dominated by short and superficial content.

Joe's vision for web3


My main focus is helping blockchain, crypto, defi and fintech companies to produce long-form content (including articles, case studies, reports, whitepapers and books) for marketing, engagement and lead generation.

I began my career as a financial journalist covering debt capital markets. Since then, my work has always involved some aspect of finance or technology. This has included over ten years in digital strategy, marketing and content roles for agencies, technology businesses, professional services firms and publishers. 

Right now, my clients are marketing teams within blockchain and crypto projects or agencies that assist these teams with communications or PR. By adding an experienced blockchain copywriter to their existing resources, we help our clients to produce the long-form thought-leadership content that can fuel their brand awareness, social media and growth marketing strategies.


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