John Fáwọlé

"DeFi has helped me to gain financial independence"
Content Marketer
John Fáwọlé is a Journalist at Coinbench and a Content Marketer at Xbullion. He also works as a freelancer for different clients on content creation.

How Defi can change the world.


I am John Fáwọlé, a law undergraduate with interest in Blockchain Law. I also couple as a Content Marketer for crypto projects.In the blockchain space, I have worked as a Content Editor, Content Marketer, and even a Journalist.

I often wear many hats.

I believe Web3 will make a successful revolution of Web2, and I'm trying to get more people into it. I do this through written content and casual posts on the internet.As a person, I talk about Philosophy, Mindset, Metaverse, NFT, African culture, and general bants with my friend.In the future, I want to be a world-class force to reckon with in this ecosystem.


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