Jordan Lunetta

"Things never go as planned and you have to keep pressing on and do it for the greater good of your customers"
Co-founder @ODIN Golf
Jordan is co-founder @ODIN Golf, an organization helping golfers become better, look and feel good on and off the course.
California and Berlin


The world of building and getting my hands dirty began at a young age for me. I started a professional DJ business at age 12, which was a total blast. It grew to two different states (California and Arizona) in the US and I like to say I retired when I hung up my hat at 22. Being from the SF Bay Area, I knew the ins and outs of high-tech, and wanted to do that in Europe.

So, as soon as I finished my last exam in university, I packed my bags and talked my way into a job in Berlin at a company called Delivery Hero in 2013. I ended up taking over the mobile app development for the UK brand (with no technical background whatsoever), which ended up being bought. After that, I built a dev tools company which was an incredibly formative experience. Now, I’m working on ODIN Golf with a few friends and we’re excited to build the future of golf around the globe.

When I’m not working on ODIN at all hours of the day, I try to make it out to the golf course.

How can a company like yours use NFTs to create value for their community?


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