"If success is achieved when work becomes play then perhaps I have some"
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I strongly dislike this question, but I suppose it would be along the lines of the following:

While being in crypto I have made the assumption that the majority of individuals in the space fall into one of three general categories (yes, of course there are also outliers). The interactions between these three core groups form subsequent zero sum games. However, I feel as though the broader game of web3 and crypto is / will be positive sum 

1) "The firms"

This includes VCs, hedge funds, exchanges, etc.

2) “The devs”

The individuals actually building web3

3) “The apes”

This is basically the “retail investor” of crypto and DeFi. 

To answer the initial question, I would say I am an ape that tries to hang around with devs. My personal investment style shares more similarities with VCs than, for instance, a prop trader. While of course making good returns is important, it is not my primary goal. My main focus in crypto and web3 is skill acquisition or learning, etc. My initial years in crypto focusing solely on profit were somewhat wasted. From my perspective, the best way to get ahead in this space is through focusing on or becoming a part of development. 

The most challenging thing about his job.


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