Shadrack Kubyane

Great leaders always simplify things communicating with clarity and being very practical
Co-founder @Coronet Blockchain
Shadrack Kubyane is the co-founder of Coronet Blockchain, a B2B2C marketplace platform that provides blockchain vetted human hair extensions, haircare products & salon equipment to African salons, distributors & retailers from ethical global manufacturers at lower sourcing costs.
Johannesburg, South Africa

His vision about Africa & blockchain.


I am a born diplomat: born at the intercession of 3 provinces [states] that historically functioned like stand-alone countries. This setting favourably exposed me to multiple races and cultures from a young age. My experiences in business date back to my early age of 11 when my mom started multiple businesses, asking me to manage and grow them.

Later on, in corporate: my last role was with Deloitte, before co-founding Coronet. Among the highlights of my corporate track record includes spearheading business development teams that moved a new venture from a zero-balance-sheet position to ZAR 5 billion within 3 years. A move that required a competitor in that space 13 years to achieve.

For me Blockchain is more about people & communities more than it is about technology, the tech functions simply enable the attainment of shared community values. I am for communities. I am for Africa. Perhaps that is why some people prefer to call me the Blockchain Baron of Africa. 

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