Shawn Pereira

"Every day is a great working day for me since I get to learn something new"
Content Lead @Oddz Finance
Shawn Pereira is a content specialist. He currently work for Oddz Finance, a Multi-chain derivatives trading platform.


My name is Shawn Pereira, and I am a Web 3 evangelist. I currently lead Oddz Finance on the content side. My area of expertise is content writing, and my project portfolio includes CoinSwitch Kuber, Strip Finance, UNQ Club, Inside Bitcoins, and others. 

I am also a content creator who regularly posts on LinkedIn. I only discuss Web 3, crypto, blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, and other related topics. I am a hype critic and a value seeker. 

Crypto or DeFi is more about freedom for me. We've all seen how TradFi has ruined practically everything in the world. However, I am here to change that by contributing to the expansion of Web 3.0.

Aside from Crypto, I enjoy gaming and am a huge foodie. I also trade in the markets because I love to. I mostly do crypto, and yes, I get fomoed regularly.

His vision about content marketing in web3.


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