Stephen Ogbaje

Community Manager @Cryptolocally


Okay, so my name is Stephen. I am a graduate of computer science and engineering. I focus more on design, blockchain education and a little bit of front and back-end. When I said front-end, it includes basic HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React.

I started my crypto journey in the year 2019 when I took a course by Chris Ani. I was able to achieve several milestones of organising various conferences across the nation.

Sometime last year, I was able to uplift the first ever blockchain conference that was hosted individually by students. It was hosted individually and recorded a huge success. We had a total number of more than 1,500 people attending that event physically, and more than 500 people streamed it. We have the likes of Franklin Peters and Crypto TV Plus. We also have some barristers who are actually in the crypto space that happened at this event.

This event majorly was actually until blocking education and adoption generally in Africa. And if we are able to upscale and offset a good number of people that attended events already, we have some of the people attending events working in different blockchain spaces across Africa.



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