Steven Rivera

" I get new challenges to solve every day"
Co-founder and CTO @Neftify
U.S. Army Veteran. Co-founder @neftify . Data Analyst @NFTPlazas . @solana Ignition Winner. @p18startups Gen8 Alumni.
Puerto Rico


I work hard every day and do the stuff required to grow as a person. I’m an incremental improvement person in all areas of my life. I try to improve every day and challenge myself with complex tasks. It does not matter if I already have the skill; I know I can acquire it. I started programming at 12 years old, joined the U.S. Army at 17, and now I’m starting to succeed as an entrepreneur at 25 after a long journey of many failures.

I’m a big believer in simple daily routines as a habit, and I developed an app in 2019 that messages me with every primary task of my daily routine. I still use the app, and it allows me to see in which categories I’m allocating the majority of my time, which helps me analyze if that’s the right time allocation to get to my goals.

My routine is super simple: sleep, work and gym during weekdays and Saturdays, and rest/fun on Sundays.

Any tips for beginners?


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