Sylve Chevet

Web3 is not the evolution of the Internet but a new flavor of it.
CEO @Briq
Former product manager @Ledger, Sylve Chevet is now working on his own project called @briq, a nft protocol.


I’m a French knowledge addict set on a quest to build fun stuff on the blockchain. I enjoy learning and connecting the dots.

I discovered crypto quite early. Around 2017 and had an “aha” moment when I understood that blockchain would allow building things previously impossible, like native digital scarcity. I like to say that I came for the revolution and stayed for the revolution. I wrote my master’s thesis on NFT in 2018 and joined Ledger as a product manager. I left Ledger to build my company, briq, to help create the next billion NFTs.

I enjoy helping out, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter.

The most challenging thing about his job.


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