"The crypto/NFT space never stops - it’s 24/7"
Founder @STOLEN
STOLEN Founder. Podcast Host. Crypto investor since '17. One Cool Cat.
Southern California


I’m what you call crypto “class of 2017.”

I started out buying Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as plenty of other bad ICO coins that were raging at the time. I got into nft’s in the Spring of 2021 and bought my first NFTs in July 2021. Since Spring 2021, I’ve been obsessed and spend so many hours reading, researching, talking and tracking NFTs.

I used to host and co-host a ton of nightly Twitter Spaces (though I haven’t had much time for it the past several months) but being a rather identifiable member of the community, I soon found myself consulting for various artists and projects, which led pretty naturally to the founding of STOLEN, which is a talent management and promotions agency. It was a really obvious awakening for me to bring my IRL skills to the space to support and amplify artists.

What’s the best thing about your job?


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