Federico Ast

"I’m happy to be working in a cutting-edge field"
CEO @Cooperative Kleros
Federico Ast is the founder & CEO @Kleros, an open source project for building a decentralized online dispute resolution protocol based on blockchain, crowdsourcing and game theory.


My name is Federico, I am an Argentina guy and I have a background in economics and philosophy.

I got interested in crypto in the early days. Being from Argentina, I grew up with problems with the economy, currency and inflation.

Most people were interested in financial applications but I saw in blockchain something different, a tool to build new institutions. That’s what got me interested in the application of blockchain into the justice system.

I am currently working at Kleros is an open-source online dispute resolution protocol that uses blockchain and crowdsourcing to fairly adjudicate disputes.

I am passionate about crypto and web3, how it gives people all over the world equal opportunity.

If you are a designer from Argentina, in the traditional world you don’t have access to sell your services to a client in Germany. Now if you have crypto and Kleros you can work for anyone in the world. This enhances meritocracy.

The most challenging aspect of managing a team in web3?

Favorite web3 apps

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