Pablo Veyrat

"I believe that thinking by yourself, and questioning the why of what you’re doing is very fulfilling"
Core Contributor @Angle Protocol
Pablo Veyrat is currently a core contributor at Angle Protocol, the first decentralized, capital efficient and over-collateralized stablecoin protocol.
Paris, France

His vision about stablecoins.


I’d say that both personally and professionally, I am someone that’s deeply optimistic. I like to take things from the positive side. The consequence is that I am not so risk-averse and I don’t mind trying things without having any clear guarantee that it could lead to a positive outcome.

One lesson I learnt when studying however is that you need to make the difference between the time you spend working and the time in which you’re not working, otherwise you’re not making any progress anywhere.
I, therefore, tend to be a bit different personally than professionally.

For instance, professionally, I am both short-term and long-term impatient, I like when things are done efficiently and quite rapidly. I come from the French preparatory classes system and I became very demanding of myself at this time, and I try to keep doing it professionally.
Personally, I am still rigorous (I hate to be late), but I am way more chill than what I can be, I like to party, go out, travel, do sports, …


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